Casting Perfection
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Our biggest strength is our capability to manufacture small as well as large batch quantities of castings. We realise that every customer's requirements are unique requiring unique solutions. We provide total solution for casting needs like raw castings, machined castings using CNC Machines; including any special processes, like preservation of materials by applying anti-corrosive paints, hot dip galvanising, powder coating according to your requirement. We provide shipping & packaging options like land & sea worthy shipping and packing including Euro pallet size or other customer specific options.


Cast Iron: IS GRADES.FG 150, 200, 260, 300
Manufactured to Indian or International Metallurgical Standards. Alloyed if required.


By Weight:
Machine Moulding: from 100 gms to 50 kgs
Hand Moulding: from 50 kgs to 2000 kgs

As cast (rough casting) / proof machined /Fully Machined condition


Capacity: 7200 Tons per annum
Present utilization: 3600 Tons per annum
Spare Capacity: 3600 Tons per annum

Service Offering

Pattern Shop
We use the best expertise available for Pattern making process with 3D Modelling facilities with well equipped machine shop including CNC machines to make flawless patterns. We have more than 1000 patterns are in use and our well equipped in-house facility makes sure that the patterns are store and maintained to the best of industry standards.

Core Shop

  1. Core shop is equipped with paddle type mixer and options for continuous mixtures
  2. Cold Box core
  3. Core shooter is available for manufacture of critical cores.

Moulding Making

  1. Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machines
  2. Mechanized Sand Plant (including Sand conveyor, Skip Charger, Sand Bins, Muller Sand Mixer)
  3. Different size box ( like 400x520x110 / 140mm. Wt 1.00kg to 20Kgs).

  1. Heavy mouldings can accomodate a maximum size of 2000x2000x500/35
  2. 100 kgs to 1800 kgs [single piece weights] are preferred in HMS
  3. Volumes can range from 25 nos to 75 nos per month

Fettling AND Other Facilities
Well equipped fettling department for removal of sand and external parts of castings
Shot Blasting Machines - (1200x1200x1500mm Chamber Size)
Grinders and other fettling equipments
Material Handling facilities-EOT Cranes
Weighing Scales
Diesel Generators

Horizontal Machining Centers - Pallet size 630mm x 630mm
Vertical Machining Centers - Pallet size 630mm x 630mm
Vertical Turning Lathes with capacity up to 1000mm Dia
CNC Turning Centers with capacity up to 200mm Dia

In house lab equipments for wet analysis testing / Raw material / Moulding sand
We also supplement our Quality checks with our strategic alliance facilities within the group and in our Industrial area.

Various measuring instruments with surface table:
Direct Reading Spectrometer – 25 Channels
Microscope with image analyzer
Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Testers
Universal Testing Machine – 40 MT Capacity
Radioactive contamination checking equipment

Testing &Inspection Facilities
Surface Tables
Height Gauges
Swivel Index
Vernier callipers
Screw gauges
Profile Cutting Machine – (for Lay out & section Inspection)

Cut Section
Castings are sectioned and inspected for dimensions to ensure internal soundness of castings, sections are made in defect prone areas of the cast components.
Rad Check – Radio active contamination checking equipment-with strategic partners

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